Sun Valley Academy has made a commitment to provide each student with a quality education through high standards and high achievement. We foster a school culture in which teachers, students, and parents are active participants. Our pursuit of academic excellence is enhanced by family partnerships and the development of leadership skills. This dynamic combination motivates students to embrace life-long learning and to become productive members of our community. Sun Valley Academy empowers every student, every day, through high standards and high achievement.

Our Vision

Sun Valley Academy is dedicated to being a school of distinction in education while investing in meaningful partnerships through teaching individuals to be lifelong learners with strong leadership skills.

Our Philosophy

At SVA we understand that your child’s elementary years are the foundation for their future success. We believe in preparing students for this success through our unique blend of quality instruction, higher expectations, students being actively engaged in their learning, leadership development, nurturing and support.

SVA places a special emphasis on the school and family partnership. We believe that families and schools working together ensures that children reach their fullest potential.

SVA believes in building future leaders. Students will participate in leadership skill building activities, presentations, and projects designed to foster strength of character, responsibility, and the desire to become positive contributors in our community.